Horizon Europe alternative protein funding calls for 2024 – everything you need to know

The latest Horizon Europe deadlines are fast approaching, with calls offering exciting opportunities closing early in 2024. Our Research and Grants Manager walks through the key calls for alternative protein researchers.

10 November 2023

Horizon Europe funding calls 2024 are a good opportunity for alternative protein researchers. Image of a microscope in front of flags outside the European commission.

The EU’s €95.5 billion flagship research and innovation programme, with its strong focus on collaboration and open science, is ideally suited to scientists hoping to develop plant-based, cultivated meat and fermentation based foods. 

There are a huge range of calls available each year on a wide range of projects. Below is a summary of the open calls that could be relevant for researchers working in alternative proteins.

Three calls, which close on 22 February 2024, explicitly focus on alternative proteins: 

Scaling up fermentation

Funding is also available to help fermentation projects scale up, develop new strains and demonstrate how this process – with its potential to use waste sidestreams as feedstocks to produce large quantities of protein – can help Europe achieve its circular economy goals:

Changing the food system

Transforming our food system will depend on more than just improving the taste and texture of products. These calls focus on researchers who want to engage with farmers on this challenge: 

And for those interested in tackling broader questions, engaging with policymakers and wider society in the transition to a more sustainable food system: 

These are just a few examples, but I strongly recommend alternative protein researchers delve into the full Horizon Europe 2023/24 work programme or look at Cluster 6’s Food and Bioeconomy calls for more information and ideas. 

Don’t forget there’s also the European Research Council’s Starting, Consolidator, Advanced, and Proof of Concept grants, which are available to all researchers regardless of topic. 

Check out our resources if you’re interested in applying for these calls: 


Stella Child Research and Grants Manager

Stella works to help the sustainable proteins research community across Europe secure grant funding for open-access research.