The business of sustainable protein

Rocketing consumer demand is driving huge investment in Europe’s plant-based, cultivated meat and fermentation sectors.

As an international NGO, the Good Food Institute Europe supports the food industry to make delicious and affordable plant-based meat available across Europe, and prepares the sector for the arrival of cultivated meat.

Plant-based and cultivated meat industry
Sustainable protein innovation priorities initiative

Building the roadmap to sustainable protein success

Europe’s plant-based, cultivated meat and fermentation companies are growing rapidly. But to keep up the momentum and maximise its potential benefits for the environment, food security and public health, the sustainable protein sector needs to be strategic.

GFI Europe has spoken to 26 investors, entrepreneurs and other industry experts from 10 countries about where the challenges are. Our findings will help the sector chart a course to success.

European sustainable protein company database

Explore the landscape of plant-based, cultivated meat and fermentation companies in Europe. Use the database to stay up-to-date on new companies and products in the space, find a manufacturing partner, or identify groundbreaking startups. 

Manufacturers and brands

Sustainable protein manufacturers and brands

Use this database view to identify European companies producing plant-based, cultivated and fermentation-made meat, eggs, dairy and seafood. 

Ingredients and equipment

Sustainable proteins ingredient and equipment companies

Use this database view to identify European companies producing ingredients or equipment for plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation-made meat, eggs, dairy and seafood. While a wide variety of inputs can be used for these products, companies are only included in the database if sustainable protein applications are a key focus of the company. 

Global company database

Global company database

Visit GFI’s global company database to explore sustainable protein companies around the world, add companies that aren’t on our list, or request updates to our data.

Resources for investors and industry

Plant-based kebab

Plant-based state of the industry report

Plant-based in 2021: new product development, investment analytics, scientific and technical advancements, consumer insights, regulatory developments, and more.

Cultivated meat state of the industry report

Cultivated meat state of the industry report

Cultivated meat in 2021: the commercial landscape, investment statistics, regulatory and industry developments, scientific progress, research priorities, and more.

Fermentation-made beef

Fermentation state of the industry report

Fermentation in 2021: the competitive landscape, innovation opportunities, product and ingredient applications, investment trends, regulatory status, and more.

Pllant-based seafood burger

Seafood industry update

The plant-based and cultivated seafood industry’s commercial landscape, investment, US sales data and consumer insights from 2021.

Mosa Meat cultivated meatball

Techno-economic assessment of cultivated meat

Study of the cost of producing cultivated meat at scale, conducted by independent researchers CE Delft.

BlueNalu cultivated fish

One-page explainer on the science of sustainable protein

How to explain the science of plant-based, cultivated meat and fermentation to the public in plain, accessible language.

GFI Europe colleagues working together

Industry consultants

Find consultants who can offer insights to help you evaluate plant-based, fermentation and cultivated meat companies you’re considering investing in.

Carlotte Lucas – photo by Barbara Evripidou/

Our industry expert

Carlotte Lucas leads our corporate engagement work, connecting with companies and investors across Europe to encourage investment and innovation in sustainable proteins.

Latest industry news

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Consumers are cutting down on conventional meat across major European countries while interest in plant-based and cultivated meat is growing, a new survey has found.

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GFI Europe attended IFFA, the world’s largest meat industry trade fair, to encourage the sector to get involved with plant-based and cultivated meat.

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Plant-based meat sales up 19% to record €2.3 billion in western Europe, report shows

GFI’s latest state of the industry reports show plant-based meat sales climbed to record highs across Europe in 2021.

Meet the researcher: Parag Acharya on building a one stop shop for sustainable proteins

Dr Parag Acharya from the University of Greenwich shares his advice for researchers interested in sustainable proteins.

Chart showing investment in European alternative protein companies

European sustainable protein sector raises €2.2 billion as market matures

New data released today by the Good Food Institute reveals sustainable protein companies across Europe raised more than €2.2 billion throughout 2021.

Plant-based meatballs

Beyond Veganuary – what are this year’s sustainable protein trends?

As the range of delicious plant-based options available across Europe expands, we look at what this year’s Veganuary launches tell us about what to expect from sustainable proteins in 2022.

MEPs rejected a ban on terms like veggie burger

Our favourite moments from a breakthrough year

2021 was a breakthrough year for plant-based foods, cultivated meat and fermentation.

Enough Foods Abunda mycoprotein

A cow’s worth of protein every two minutes – how fermentation could feed millions

It might get less attention than some of the latest plant-based and cultivated meat innovations – but its flexibility, low production costs and the sheer simplicity of its inputs mean…

Plant-based cafe

GFI’s global corporate engagement

GFI’s business experts work with investors and entrepreneurs across the private sector to advance the sustainable protein industry and enable market breakthroughs. Learn more about their work.