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Paper published in Nature Biotechnology about the career opportunities available to the research community with alternative proteins

The field of alternative protein development comprises a growing community of academics from across multiple disciplines. Our paper published in Nature Biotech explores the various reasons why this is a fascinating area of study, and the countless opportunities for researchers entering the space.

Still a student? Our students and educators page also has a great collection of resources and courses to help break into this fascinating field.

The alternative protein researcher directory

Use this directory to connect with European researchers who are active in the alternative protein space or are looking to apply their expertise to this field. This directory also indicates what kinds of collaborative work researchers are interested in exploring with students, labs, and companies.

If you are working on alternative proteins science (or you might like to do so in the future) and want to raise your profile in the global research community, you can apply to join the directory here.

Meet some of Europe’s alternative protein scientists

Check out our Meet the Researcher blog series, talking to alternative protein scientists about their work and hearing their advice for researchers looking to join this rapidly evolving and hugely exciting field.

An octopus swimming in the sea - demand for seafood currently threatens marine ecosystems

Meet the researcher: Expanding the tentacles of alternative seafood research with Frederico Ferreira

A researcher working to develop the first cultivated octopus product is at the heart of a €7 million project bringing…

Meet the researcher: Growing a grassroots protein revolution with Mette Lübeck

A humble plant that grows in abundance across the planet is at the heart of a project aiming to transform…

Meet the researcher: precision fermentation fat

Across Europe, researchers are finding new ways of using well-established technologies to develop sustainable fat with the same the complex…

Meet the researcher: making precision fermentation cheese with Etske Bijl

A career spent analysing the chemistry behind milk has given Etske Bijl unique insights to help her develop the world’s…

Meet the researcher: Finding a deeper way of protecting our oceans with Richard Splivallo

A long-standing passion for the ocean inspired Richard Splivallo’s project – using his fermentation expertise to create better alternative seafood…

Meet the researcher: bridging the gap between academia and entrepreneurship with Prof Che Connon

Professor Che Connon’s quest to bring cultivated meat closer to dining tables has led to him bridging the gap between…

Meet the researcher: leading the UK’s new £12m cellular agriculture research hub with Prof Marianne Ellis

Head of the UK’s new £12 million Cellular Agriculture Manufacturing Hub (CARMA), we talk to Marianne Ellis about her goals…

Meet the researcher: discovering the next big ingredients in plant-based protein with Karolina Östbring

The plant-based industry has only begun to scratch the surface of what ingredients can be used to create more sustainable…

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Sustainable protein innovation priorities initiative

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