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What keeps you up at night?

Climate and ecological emergency

Compared to farming animals, plant-based and cultivated meat can cut climate emissions by up to 92%, enabling people to keep eating the familiar foods they love without accelerating the climate crisis.

Antibiotic resistance

Whereas industrial animal agriculture is driving us to a public health crisis, plant-based and cultivated meat production are free of antibiotics and contaminants. These sustainable proteins can help prevent the end of modern medicine.

Feeding the world’s growing population

One-third of Earth’s arable land is used for pasture or growing animal feed, yet feeding crops to animals instead of people is inefficient and unsustainable.

Plant-based and cultivated meat production drives down the price of grains while freeing up land, and enables countries with little land, or faced with climate instability, to produce more homegrown protein. These options can sustainably feed 10 billion people by 2050.

Pandemic risk

According to the United Nations’ Preventing the Next Pandemic report, “increasing human demand for animal protein” and “unsustainable agricultural intensification” are two of the biggest drivers of zoonotic disease.

Plant-based and cultivated meat involve no risk of causing the next pandemic because they can be made without farming animals.

With your help, we are putting sustainable proteins centre stage as a solution to these global problems.

Why donate to GFI Europe?

Europe presents enormous opportunities to advance GFI’s mission: it is home to much of the world’s scientific and commercial talent, and is one of the biggest potential markets for sustainable proteins. Europe also influences the world through trade, migration, diaspora communities and thought leadership. If the policy, regulatory and consumer environment for sustainable proteins thrives in Europe, its positive impacts will reverberate across the world.



We prioritise the highest-impact activities to undertake each year, so you know your donation is being spent in the most effective way.

Sector-wide influence

As a nonprofit, we are uniquely positioned to support the entire sustainable protein space. By sharing our open-access research and knowledge freely, and connecting scientists, students and entrepreneurs, we advance the whole sector and bring closer the day when sustainable proteins are the default choice. The sooner we get there, the better for people, the planet and animals.


Increased funding for science is key to unlocking the sustainable, secure and just food future we know is possible. Our policy and scitech teams inspire European governments to direct R&D funding to the field. So your gift helps to leverage even greater sums secured in R&D funding – multiplying your impact. 

Make a real difference

Your support allows us to be nimble and respond when we find a new barrier to the success of sustainable proteins. We rigorously assess our impact and focus on neglected areas, where too few people are working and too little money is invested – so you know your support is making a real difference. 

Alarm clock

Potential and urgency

Your donations enable our scitech and corporate engagement teams to harness the potential of Europe’s top universities and commercial talent to advance sustainable proteins. With your support, our policy and communications teams can seize the finite window of opportunity we have to influence regulation and consumer acceptance here.

Together, we can leverage Europe’s international influence to achieve global impact.

GFI Europe is 100% funded by philanthropy – we exist because of your support.

The difference your support makes

GFI Europe team members

GFI Europe impact update: July 2023

Dive into a some of the highlights of GFI Europe’s work over the first half of the year.

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A farmer removing the husk from an ear of corn

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GFI and EIT Food launch Innovation Challenge to bring down cost of cultivating meat

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