The science of sustainable protein

Cultivated meat, plant-based foods and fermentation offer exciting research opportunities with huge societal benefits. 

As an international NGO, the Good Food Institute Europe works with scientists to develop, fund and promote open-source research on sustainable proteins.

Scientist researching plant-based meat
Our science and technology team works to advance sustainable protein research

GFI’s global science and technology work

The Good Food Institute’s science and technology experts identify key knowledge gaps, allocate grant funding, and cultivate an engaged community of scientists. Find out more about their work.

Resources for researchers

Mosa Meat cultivated meatball

Techno-economic assessment of cultivated meat

Study of the cost of producing cultivated meat at scale, conducted by independent researchers CE Delft.

Mosa Meat cultivated beef burger

Lifecycle assessment of cultivated meat

Study of the environmental impact – including carbon footprint, land use, water use and energy use – of cultivated meat, conducted by independent researchers CE Delft.

Seren Kell, GFI Europe science and technology manager

Our science and technology expert

Seren Kell leads our work to advance the science of sustainable protein and foster a thriving research ecosystem across Europe.

Latest science news

Scientist researching plant-based meat

Horizon Europe announces €32 million for sustainable proteins

Horizon Europe has announced €32 million in funding, in its biggest-ever package of support covering plant-based, cultivated meat and fermentation.

Cultured beef steak

Cultivated meat could slash climate impact of meat production by up to 92%, study finds

New studies released today by independent research firm CE Delft show that — compared with conventional beef — meat cultivated directly from animal cells may cause up to 92% less…