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The Good Food Institute Europe’s spokespeople are the leading experts on the science, business and policy of plant-based, cultivated meat and fermentation in the EU, UK and across the continent. 

We can provide information and interviews in English, German and Dutch – and make connections with researchers and entrepreneurs in the sector.

Journalists can contact GFI Europe’s press office on or +44 (0)7521 490 839.

GFI Europe press office
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Mosa Meat cultivated beef burger

Open-access photo library

Download free-to-use images of cultivated meat to illustrate your sustainable protein story.

Media resources

Plant-based and Cultivated Seafood State of the Industry report

Seafood State of the Industry report

The plant-based and cultivated seafood industry’s commercial landscape, investment, US sales data and consumer insights from January 2020 to June 2021.

Cultivated meat explainer graphic

One-page explainer on the science of sustainable protein

A resource for journalists, companies and other communicators on how to explain the science of plant-based, cultivated meat and fermentation to the public – in just one sentence, or giving…

Fermentation state of the industry report

Fermentation State of the Industry report

Fermentation in 2020: the competitive landscape, innovation opportunities, product and ingredient applications, investment trends, regulatory status, and more.

Cultivated meat state of the industry report

Cultivated meat State of the Industry report

Cultivated meat in 2020: the commercial landscape, investment statistics, regulatory and industry developments, scientific progress, research priorities, and more.

Plant-based state of the industry report

Plant-based State of the Industry report

Plant-based in 2020: new product development, investment analytics, scientific and technical advancements, consumer insights, regulatory developments, and more.

Mosa Meat cultivated meatball

Techno-economic assessment of cultivated meat

Study of the cost of producing cultivated meat at scale, conducted by independent researchers CE Delft.

Mosa Meat cultivated beef burger

Lifecycle assessment of cultivated meat

Study of the environmental impact – including carbon footprint, land use, water use and energy use – of cultivated meat, conducted by independent researchers CE Delft.

Sustainable protein experts

To arrange interviews with our experts, please contact GFI Europe’s press office on or +44 (0)7521 490 839.

Acacia Smith, GFI Europe Policy Manager

Acacia Smith

Policy Manager

Acacia focuses on securing public funding for sustainable protein research and development.

Alex Holst, GFI Europe Policy Manager

Alex Holst

Policy Manager

Alex works with policymakers to create a robust, clear and evidence-based regulatory environment for the sustainable protein sector.

Elena Walden, GFI Europe Policy Manager

Elena Walden

Policy Manager

Elena works with policymakers to secure clear labelling rules for sustainable proteins.

Seren Kell, GFI Europe science and technology manager

Seren Kell

Science and Technology Manager

Seren works with scientists to develop, fund and promote open-source research on sustainable proteins.

Carlotte Lucas, GFI Europe Corporate Engagement Manager

Carlotte Lucas

Corporate Engagement Manager

Carlotte supports the food industry to make delicious and affordable plant-based meat available across Europe, and prepare the sector for the arrival of cultivated meat.

Sophie Armour, GFI Europe Communications Manager

Sophie Armour

Communications Manager and Spokesperson

Sophie leads GFI Europe’s communications team, and drives a positive narrative for sustainable proteins across Europe.

Latest press releases

Collaboration, capacity and craveability – building the roadmap to a sustainable protein future

GFI Europe’s new market research reveals the key challenges facing plant-based and cultivated meat in Europe

Sustainable protein innovation priorities

Infrastructure investment vital for plant-based and cultivated meat industries, according to new research

A study of Europe’s plant-based and cultivated meat industries has found infrastructure investment is required to help the sector expand.

Denmark Parliament supports plant-based investment

Denmark announces 1 billion kroner for plant-based foods in historic climate agreement

The Danish government has announced over 1.25 billion kroner (€168 million) to advance plant-based foods, as part of an unprecedented climate agreement.

BlueNalu cultivated fish

Nomad Foods partners with cultivated seafood startup BlueNalu in ‘huge moment for our oceans’

GFI Europe welcomes collaboration that will “supercharge progress towards the commercialisation of cultivated seafood, and a truly sustainable seafood industry”.

Vegan burger with fries

McDonald’s UK launch of McPlant will ‘introduce more people than ever to sustainable food choices’

The Good Food Institute Europe responds to McDonald’s UK launch of a plant-based burger.

UK Parliament

Social Market Foundation report calls for UK government investment in sustainable proteins

The Good Food Institute Europe responds to a new report calling on the UK Government to invest in sustainable proteins to meet its climate targets.

Beyond Meat plant-based meatballs

National Food Strategy calls for £125 million investment in sustainable proteins

The National Food Strategy has called on the UK government to invest £125 million in sustainable protein startups and a new commercial “cluster” for the sector.

Amendment 171 could ban vegan cheese from being described as creamy

EU drops plans for unprecedented restrictions on plant-based dairy

EU leaders have dropped Amendment 171 plans to impose new restrictions on plant-based dairy products, which could have banned them from displaying allergen information, being sold in cartons and using…

Plant-based burger with sweet potato fries

Record €2.6 billion invested in sustainable proteins in 2020 – 3x the amount invested in 2019

New data released today by the Good Food Institute reveals that globally, 2020 was a record period of investment in companies creating sustainable alternatives to conventional animal-based foods.

Cultured beef steak

Cultivated meat could slash climate impact of meat production by up to 92%, study finds

New studies released today by independent research firm CE Delft show that — compared with conventional beef — meat cultivated directly from animal cells may cause up to 92% less…