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The Good Food Institute Europe’s spokespeople are the leading experts on the science, business and policy of plant-based, cultivated meat and fermentation in the EU, UK and across the continent. 

We can provide information and interviews in English, German, Italian and Spanish and make connections with researchers and entrepreneurs in the sector.

Journalists can contact GFI Europe’s press office on or +44 (0)7521 490 839.

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Alternative protein experts

To arrange interviews or background chats with our experts, please contact GFI Europe’s press office on or +44 (0)7521 490 839.

Acacia Smith

Senior Policy Manager

Acacia focuses on securing public funding for sustainable protein research and development.

Alex Holst

Alex Holst

Deputy Head of Policy – EU

Alex works with NGOs, think tanks, businesses, and other political actors to advance sustainable proteins in Europe.

Alex Mayers – photo by Barbara Evripidou/

Alex Mayers

Managing Director

Alex directs GFI Europe’s strategic planning and coordinates all areas of our work.

Alice Ravenscroft, GFI Europe Head of Policy

Alice Ravenscroft

Head of Policy

Alice leads GFI Europe’s policy team, and works to secure evidence-based policy and public research funding for sustainable proteins.

Carlotte Lucas – photo by Barbara Evripidou/

Carlotte Lucas

Head of Industry

Carlotte supports the food industry to make delicious and affordable plant-based meat available across Europe, and prepare the sector for the arrival of cultivated meat.

David Hunt

Research Support Manager

David works to help sustainable protein scientists across Europe access the knowledge, resources, infrastructure, and collaborators to conduct their research effectively.

Elena Walden

Elena Walden

Senior Policy Manager

Elena works with policymakers to secure clear labelling rules for sustainable proteins.

Helen Breewood

Research and Resource Manager

Helen develops research and resources that support companies in navigating the sustainable protein landscape in Europe and accelerate the growth of the industry.

Seren Kell, GFI Europe science and technology manager

Seren Kell

Head of SciTech

Seren works with scientists to develop, fund and promote open-source research on sustainable proteins.

Ivo Rzegotta

Ivo Rzegotta

Senior Public Affairs Manager, Germany

Ivo works with policymakers in Germany to advance sustainable proteins in Europe’s largest country.

Lia-Alexis Hildebrandt

Lia-Alexis Hildebrandt

Public Affairs Specialist, Germany

Lia engages with stakeholders from politics, nonprofits and media to accelerate Germany’s transition to sustainable proteins and create a better European food system.

Linus Pardoe

UK Policy Manager

Linus works with policymakers in the UK to advance plant-based foods, cultivated meat and fermentation.

Image of Pauline Grimmer

Pauline Grimmer

Policy Manager

Pauline mobilises public funding and other policy support to facilitate infrastructure development and scale up alternative proteins in Europe.

Seth Roberts – photo by Barbara Evripidou/

Seth Roberts

Senior Policy Manager

Seth works with policymakers to create a robust, clear and evidence-based regulatory environment for the sustainable protein sector.

Sophie Armour

Head of Communications

Sophie leads GFI Europe’s communications team, and drives a positive narrative for sustainable proteins across Europe.

Stella Child

Research and Grants Manager

Stella works to help the sustainable proteins research community across Europe secure grant funding for open-access research.

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European Commission ends TRIS review as  law did not comply with procedure’s rules

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Federal budget 2024: Germany invests 38 million euros in the protein transition and sets out to become a leader in the field

The Budget Committee of the German Bundestag have announced €38 million in funding in 2024 for the sustainable protein transition,…

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The Italian Chamber of Deputies has passed a law banning the production and marketing of cultivated meat and the use…

L’Italia vieta la carne coltivata: il paese rischia di essere tagliato fuori dall’innovazione e di bloccare lo sviluppo sostenibile

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Il Parlamento Europeo Avanza Verso Proteine Alternative: Un Approccio Innovativo Contrapposto all’Italia sulla Carne Coltivata

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Italy has withdrawn its proposals from the EU scrutiny process, but remains committed to passing law to ban cultivated meat…