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Learn about how students and educators across Europe are driving forward the alternative protein sector and discover how to unlock a career in this rapidly evolving field.

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Our open access online course: The Protein Transition

GFI’s open-access online course explores the science behind alternative proteins. In five self-paced modules, you’ll learn about the processes used to produce plant-based, fermentation-made, and cultivated meat, as well as the environmental and economic drivers behind these sectors.

The Alt Protein Project (APP)

The Alt Protein Project is a global student movement dedicated to turning universities into engines for alternative protein education, research, and innovation. Students are the driving force behind the Alt Protein Project, which is building momentum at universities in Europe and around the world.

More student resources

Check out the links below for more resources created by GFI for students.

A group of students attending a university research presentation

Student resource guide

A primer to help students get started in the exciting world of alternative proteins

Quarterly alternative protein careers call

Join our quarterly calls to ask our experts about careers in alternative proteins

Meet the researchers

Read our interviews with alternative protein researchers in Europe to learn about their work and advice for those new to the field

Careers page

Check our careers page for the latest alternative protein job opportunities

Database of alternative protein courses

Our alternative protein course database highlights educational programs focused on alternative proteins and their enabling technologies.

Resources for educators

Find out how you can offer education on alternative proteins for students at your institution.

Sustainable protein innovation priorities initiative

The case for alternative protein education

Why educational opportunities in this field are so important.

Develop a curriculum

Build a curriculum for alternative proteins at your institution.

Workforce development survey

Join our initiative to develop the alternative protein workforce

A group of students attending a university research presentation

Educator community

Join the community of educators introducing the next generation to alternative protein research

Explore more of our science resources

Alternative protein science

Explore all of our science resources.

Research funding

Learn more about key projects and available research funding for alternative protein projects.

Open access tools and resources

Explore our library of free-to access resources on plant-based, cultivated and fermentation-made meat, seafood, eggs and dairy.

Research community

Join our community of researchers today to forge connections, find industry and academic collaborators, and learn about the latest science.

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