Seren Kell, GFI Europe science and technology manager

Seren Kell

Senior Science and Technology Manager

Seren works with scientists to develop, fund and promote open-source research on sustainable proteins.

Areas of expertise: plant-based and cultivated meat science, biochemistry, Europe’s sustainable protein research ecosystem, research funding.

Seren leads our science and technology work, collaborating with scientists, academics and innovators to support advances in the science of sustainable protein and foster a thriving research ecosystem across Europe. Seren’s background is in biochemistry, the cultivated meat space, and open innovation. She also co-founded Cellular Agriculture UK.

Our science and technology team works to advance sustainable protein research

Science and technology

Seren leads our science and technology work in Europe. Learn more about the science of sustainable protein and access resources for researchers.

Latest updates from Seren

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A farmer removing the husk from an ear of corn

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Kultiviertes Fleisch: GFI Europe und EIT Food fördern vier zukunftsweisende Projekte, um die Produktionskosten zu senken

GFI Europe und die EU-finanzierte Innovationsagentur EIT Food haben die Gewinner der „Cultivated Meat Innovation Challenge” bekannt gegeben.

Cultivated meat innovation challenge banner

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