Seren Kell, GFI Europe science and technology manager

Seren Kell

Science and Technology Manager

Seren works with scientists to develop, fund and promote open-source research on sustainable proteins.

Areas of expertise: plant-based and cultivated meat science, biochemistry, Europe’s sustainable protein research ecosystem, research funding.

Seren leads our science and technology work, collaborating with scientists, academics and innovators to support advances in the science of sustainable protein and foster a thriving research ecosystem across Europe.

She is based in London, UK, and her background is in biochemistry, the cultivated meat space, and open innovation. She also co-founded Cellular Agriculture UK.

Our science and technology team works to advance sustainable protein research

Science and technology

Seren leads our science and technology work in Europe. Learn more about the science of sustainable protein and access resources for researchers.

Latest updates from Seren

Woman researching plant protein

Diving deeper into Horizon Europe funding to unlock sustainable protein innovation

The latest Horizon Europe funding call is a treasure trove of opportunities for sustainable protein researchers.

Researchers recreate scent of salmon from plants to deliver more sustainable seafood

Researchers are aiming to recreate the unique aroma of salmon using plants to support the development of delicious and sustainable alternative seafood products.

Cultivated meat innovation challenge banner

Kultiviertes Fleisch: GFI Europe und EIT Food fördern vier zukunftsweisende Projekte, um die Produktionskosten zu senken

GFI Europe und die EU-finanzierte Innovationsagentur EIT Food haben die Gewinner der „Cultivated Meat Innovation Challenge” bekannt gegeben.

Cultivated meat innovation challenge banner

Algae and tobacco plant researchers among winners of €400,000 prize to commercialise cultivated meat

Researchers investigating how tobacco plants and microalgae can help reduce the cost of cultivated meat are among the winners of a €400,000 prize.

Chefs at Alchemist restaurant, funded by a GFI research grant

Wissenschaftler arbeiten mit Sterne-Restaurant daran, tierfreie Meeresfrüchte zu entwickeln

Ein Team von Wissenschaftler:innen hat Fördermittel erhalten, um gemeinsam mit einem renommierten Restaurant in Dänemark ein neues Meeresfrüchteprodukt zu entwickeln.

Chefs at Alchemist restaurant, funded by a GFI research grant

Scientists work with Michelin starred Danish restaurant to create fish-free seafood

A team of scientists has received funding to work with chefs at a prestigious restaurant to create a new seafood product by growing fungi on seaweed.

Cultivated meat innovation challenge banner

GFI and EIT Food launch Innovation Challenge to bring down cost of cultivating meat

Cultivated meat is getting closer and closer to our dining tables, but there are still some pressing technical challenges we need to overcome. That’s why the Good Food Institute Europe…

How sustainable proteins took centre stage at a meat industry trade fair

GFI Europe attended IFFA, the world’s largest meat industry trade fair, to encourage the sector to get involved with plant-based and cultivated meat.