Elena Walden, GFI Europe Policy Manager

Elena Walden

Policy Manager

Elena works with policymakers to secure clear labelling rules for sustainable proteins.

Areas of expertise: sustainable protein labelling, EU and national government marketing regulations, health and nutrition policy.

Elena works with policymakers, NGOs, industry and consumer groups to advocate clear and transparent sustainable protein labelling policies that support consumer choice across Europe.

She is based in Brussels, Belgium, and her background includes political and NGO roles in London, Paris and Brussels, and experience in both the UK and European Parliaments.

Our policy team works at the EU and national levels

Clear labelling

Elena leads our work to keep sustainable protein labels clear, so consumers can make informed choices. Learn more about her work and access labelling resources.

Latest updates from Elena

UK Parliament

Social Market Foundation report calls for UK government investment in sustainable proteins

The Good Food Institute Europe responds to a new report calling on the UK Government to invest in sustainable proteins to meet its climate targets.

Beyond Meat plant-based meatballs

National Food Strategy calls for £125 million investment in sustainable proteins

The National Food Strategy has called on the UK government to invest £125 million in sustainable protein startups and a new commercial “cluster” for the sector.

Beyond Meat plant-based meatballs

EU agricultural and food promotion policy consultation response

GFI Europe’s response to the consultation on the EU’s agricultural and food promotion policy, calling for support for plant-based meat, eggs and dairy.

Amendment 171 could ban vegan cheese from being described as creamy

EU drops plans for unprecedented restrictions on plant-based dairy

EU leaders have dropped Amendment 171 plans to impose new restrictions on plant-based dairy products, which could have banned them from displaying allergen information, being sold in cartons and using…

Amendment 171 could ban oat milk from being sold in cartons

Open letter to the Council of the EU calling for rejection of new plant-based dairy labelling restrictions

GFI Europe and 20 other organisations called on EU member states to reject new restrictions on plant-based dairy labelling.

Amendment 171 could ban oat milk from being sold in cartons

Unprecedented restrictions on plant-based dairy threaten EU sustainability plans, environmentalists warn

A coalition of 21 environmental, consumer and animal welfare groups has called on the European Commission and EU member states to reject Amendment 171 – an “unprecedented” ban on plant-based…

MEPs rejected a ban on terms like veggie burger

European Parliament REJECTS veggie burger ban, but ‘ties the hands’ of plant-based dairy

Members of the European Parliament today rejected plans to ban companies from using terms like ‘burger’ and ‘steak’ for plant-based products – but “tied the hands” of plant-based dairy producers…

EU plans would ban terms like vegan burger

Open letter to Members of the European Parliament calling for rejection of the veggie burger ban

GFI Europe and 12 other organisations wrote to MEPs calling on them to reject a proposed ban on companies using terms like burger for plant-based products.