Forschung zu alternativen Proteinquellen

Kultiviertes Fleisch und Lebensmittel auf Basis von Pflanzen und Fermentation bieten spannende Forschungsmöglichkeiten mit erheblichem gesellschaftlichen Nutzen. 

Als internationale Nichtregierungsorganisation arbeitet das Good Food Institute Europe mit Wissenschaftler:innen zusammen, um die Open-Access-Forschung zu nachhaltigen Proteinen voranzutreiben.

Scientist researching plant-based meat
Our science and technology team works to advance sustainable protein research

Forschung und Technologie bei GFI

Die Forschungs- und Technologieexpert:innen des Good Food Institute identifizieren Forschungslücken, vergeben Fördergelder und betreuen engagierte Wissenschaftler:innen, die zu alternativen Proteinquellen arbeiten.


Mosa Meat cultivated meatball

Techno-economic assessment of cultivated meat

Study of the cost of producing cultivated meat at scale, conducted by independent researchers CE Delft.

Mosa Meat cultivated beef burger

Umweltauswirkungen von kultiviertem Fleisch [Eng]

Study of the environmental impact – including carbon footprint, land use, water use and energy use – of cultivated meat, conducted by independent researchers CE Delft.

Seren Kell, GFI Europe science and technology manager

Unsere Expertin für Forschung und Technologie

Seren Kell leitet unsere Aktivitäten, um Forschung und Technologie im Bereich der alternativen Proteinquellen voranzubringen und ein dynamisches Ökosystem für die Forschung in Europa zu fördern.

Meldungen zu Forschung und Technologie

Leonie Jahn

Meet the researcher: filamentous fungi and seafood with Leonie Jahn

There needs to be more interaction between the worlds of food and science, according to a researcher working with a Michelin star restaurant to develop fish-free seafood.

Scientists work with Michelin starred Danish restaurant to create fish-free seafood

A team of scientists has received funding to work with chefs at a prestigious restaurant to create a new seafood product by growing fungi on seaweed.

Meet the researcher: Marius Henkel on providing opportunities for sustainable protein students

An academic who is creating a study and research centre focused on cellular agriculture believes similar opportunities will soon be created for aspiring sustainable protein scientists across Europe.

Cultivated meat innovation challenge banner

GFI and EIT Food launch Innovation Challenge to bring down cost of cultivating meat

Cultivated meat is getting closer and closer to our dining tables, but there are still some pressing technical challenges we need to overcome. That’s why the Good Food Institute Europe…

Mosa Meat cultivated meatball

Netherlands to make biggest ever public investment in cellular agriculture

The Dutch government has announced a record €60 million of funding for cultivated meat and precision fermentation.


IPCC: plant-based and cultivated meat can play critical role in halving global emissions by 2030

GFI Europe calls for public investment in sustainable proteins as the world’s top scientists recognise plant-based and cultivated meat can cut emissions, and protect nature and global health.

Meet the researcher: Parag Acharya on building a one stop shop for sustainable proteins

Dr Parag Acharya from the University of Greenwich shares his advice for researchers interested in sustainable proteins.


IPCC report highlights role of sustainable proteins in adapting to climate change

World’s top climate scientists acknowledge the role plant-based and cultivated meat could play in future-proofing our food system.