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GFI Europe colleagues in conversation
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Blog Pflanzenbasiert

Meet the researcher: squeezing the protein out of plants with Dr Alan Javier Hernandez Alvarez

Conrad Astley

A career spent exploring the nutritional and health benefits of plant-based foods – along with an outsider’s perspective – has given Dr Alan Javier Hernandez Alvarez a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

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Investment in sustainable protein up 24% in Europe for 2022 despite global economic turbulence

Conrad Astley

New data reveals sustainable protein companies across Europe raised €579 million ($622 million) in investment last year – nearly 24% more than in 2021 – despite strong global economic headwinds.

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Alt Protein Project: join the students driving sustainable protein research across Europe

Martina Helmlinger

Our Science and Technology Community Coordinator Martina Helmlinger on the exciting work of the Alt Protein Project and how students can get involved.

A farmer removing the husk from an ear of corn
Blog Fermentation

Brewing up the future: using the power of fermentation to transform waste and byproducts into sustainable food

Conrad Astley

Researchers are using fermentation to turn agricultural waste into oils for food, using a process that could reduce methane emissions, improve food security and produce essential ingredients more sustainably.

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Bio Base Europe – visiting the bridge over the innovation valley of death

Pauline Grimmer

The ‘valley of death’ is the name given to the dangerous early period for innovations and startups after seed funding investment has begun to run low in the transition to and scale-up of commercialisation.