Evidence-based regulation

The Good Food Institute Europe’s policy team works to create a fair, clear and robust authorisation process for plant-based and cultivated meat.

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Why is evidence-based regulation important for sustainable proteins?

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For sustainable proteins to fulfil their potential to create a more sustainable, secure and just food system, consumers need to be confident in the food they eat.

Companies that want to sell cultivated meat — as well as certain plant-based and fermentation-made foods — must first apply to regulatory authorities for their products to be approved. 

European countries have some of the world’s leading and most robust food safety standards. In the EU and the UK, sustainable proteins requiring pre-market approval will follow specific regulatory frameworks for novel foods and – in some cases – genetically modified foods.

“Consumers need confidence in plant-based and cultivated meat in order to make sustainable choices.”

Seth Roberts, gfi europe policy manager

How is cultivated meat regulated in Europe?

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Before a cultivated meat product can be sold in Europe, it needs to be approved by regulators. In the EU, once regulators approve a cultivated meat product, it can be sold across all 27 EU countries – plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. The approval process will include a thorough and evidence-based assessment of the safety and nutritional value of cultivated meat and is estimated to take at least 18 months.

Other European countries

Several other European countries, including the UK, have a similar regulatory framework in place for the assessment and authorisation of cultivated meat​. Switzerland acknowledges approvals under the EU’s novel foods process, but has a separate framework for genetically modified foods.

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How is cultivated meat regulated around the world?

The Good Food Institute explains how global governments, from Canada to Singapore, are regulating cultivated meat.

How GFI Europe supports evidence-based sustainable protein regulation

GFI Europe works with public authorities, food safety experts and businesses to create a clear and robust authorisation process for sustainable proteins.

What we do

  • We inform and advise regulators about innovations and future developments in the sustainable protein sector.
  • We connect businesses to technical experts who can support them with preparing an application and throughout the risk assessment and risk management stages.
  • We monitor regulatory approval processes and advocate for them to be fair and evidence-based so that consumers can be confident in the food they eat.

How you can help

GFI Europe is 100% powered by philanthropy. Our work to evidence-based regulation for sustainable proteins is only possible thanks to the generosity of our global family of donors. With your support, we can ensure more governments implement clear regulatory frameworks for a sustainable, secure and just food system.

Seth Roberts – photo by Barbara Evripidou/FirstAvenuePhotography.com

Our regulation expert

Seth Roberts leads our work to secure a clear and evidence-based regulatory path to market for plant-based and fermentation-made foods, and cultivated meat.

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