Sophie Armour

Head of Communications

Sophie leads GFI Europe’s communications team, and drives a positive narrative for sustainable proteins across Europe.

Areas of expertise: GFI Europe’s work across the board, sustainable protein messaging, media relations, social media management and public engagement.

Sophie leads our communications team, and uses thought leadership, messaging, and multi-sector engagement to accelerate Europe’s shift to a sustainable, secure and just food system. She has extensive communications experience from the UK parliament, politics, academia, and the NGO sector.

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Sophie leads our communications team. Contact our press office and access media resources.

Latest updates from Sophie

cultivated meatballs and spaghetti

Italian parliamentary hearings on cultivated meat impossible to attend for key experts

The newly formed Italian Complementary Protein Alliance, representing a cross-section of stakeholders with interests in Italy’s agri-food landscape, was unable…

Aleph Farms make Europe’s first cultivated meat approval submission to Swiss Regulators

Cultivated meat may soon reach European plates as Aleph Farms today became the first company to apply for cultivated meat regulatory approval…

Historic approval of cultivated meat in the US shows Europe is falling behind

American consumers will soon be able to buy cultivated meat. European governments must invest and make the regulatory process transparent…

Mosa Meat cultivated meatball

Italian ban on cultivated meat would “shut down” economic and environmental potential

GFI Europe responds as Italy considers a law that would ban the production and marketing of cultivated meat.

Green light for cultivated meat in the US should inspire European leaders to invest

Historic FDA decision paves the way for US consumers to access cultivated chicken. GFI Europe is calling on European leaders…

European messaging for cultivated meat

What do consumers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain think about cultivated meat – and how can we explain the…

Mosa Meat cultivated meatball

Netherlands to make biggest ever public investment in cellular agriculture

The Dutch government has announced a record €60 million of funding for cultivated meat and precision fermentation.


IPCC: plant-based and cultivated meat can play critical role in halving global emissions by 2030

GFI Europe calls for public investment in sustainable proteins as the world’s top scientists recognise plant-based and cultivated meat can…