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Planting the seeds of change – how Europe’s farmers can reap the benefits of plant-based foods

Elena Walden

As the appetite for plant-based food grows across Europe, these products present new opportunities for farmers to produce the raw ingredients they need.

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New report: Alternative proteins hold key to Europe’s self-sufficiency

New report finds shift towards plant-based, cultivated and fermentation-made food could enable 21% of farmland across 10 European countries to be used to expand regenerative agriculture, restore nature and boost domestic food production.

Sausage and mash from Ivy Farm, a cultivated meat company making sustainable protein in the uk
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UK Food Standards Agency to modernise regulations, boosting consumer choice for sustainable foods

Conrad Astley

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has agreed on plans to modernise how foods like cultivated meat and precision fermentation products come to market, paving the way to remove unnecessary delays.